Sunday, June 24, 2012

Acadia What?

When we toured our house last year we fell in love the moment we stepped in the door - but not so much with the paint choices. Walls were swathed in various shades of reds, oranges, greens, greys, browns, and tans. There were 5 colors in the downstairs alone! We immediately painted the kitchen and dining room after move- in to let the melange of walls breathe a little, leaving the chalky yellow living room intact only because it didn't bother us much then, and we couldn't be bothered to paint anymore. But I knew that one day the east-facing room would be coated in a warm, antique, creamy, glowing white that would complement the wooden mantel (whose fate is still in limbo: not so crazy about its scale or design), keep the space airy later in the day, and provide a quiet frame for the greenery outside. After swatching at least 12 whites from FB to BM, I knew in my bones it was going to be none other than Acadia White.

Almost a year later, as we gave ourselves time to live with the house before making changes, the yellow was making me claustrophobic the way it made the ceiling seem really low. I gave the painter a ring and two days later (well, three, since the work took almost two whole days) we have a living room that's enveloping like a cozy alpaca blanket every time I walk in! It's not grey, not quite taupe, just a hint of warm yellow and green (the formula contains some black) but doesn't read yellow or green. It's so warm it makes the White Dove in the kitchen look cold in comparison, which is quite unfortunate. Also unfortunate that the color comes out somewhat grey in pictures. In person it's a beautiful "magazine white" - you know that same warm white that walls appear in the glossies regardless of their actual undertone, whether it's Joa's White, Decorator's White or Linen White?

I love it like fried chicken! Here's the breakdown:

Walls: Benjamin Moore Acadia White OC-38 in eggshell
Crown molding: Sherwin Williams Dover White
Trims & windows: Benjamin Moore White Dove
Ceiling: Original (I know, I know). Undecided between lacquered, metallic, or haint blue.

Hydrangeas from our backyard mixed with supermarket flowers.
Doesn't that bone box look like a boob?

Seriously loving the clean slate. If you're looking for a classic, tranquil warm white, please give Acadia White a try. I'm off to order porcelain switch plates now. Can't leave the walls looking ghetto. Can't wait to restain the floors as well. Now if I could only make up my mind whether to go with ebony or espresso. Why is it so much easier to design other people's houses? And why is Monday rearing its head again? Does it not know it's not welcome 'round here?

Oh, right, switch plates.


  1. i forgot to comment on these photos yesterday. i love the spareness of the room. i know that it is unfinished and one day will be filled with beautiful things but i'm just saying, to me it looks perfect as is. one of my bigger regrets i've made here is to "decorate" my house. when we first moved in and nothing was "done." that's when i was happiest. moving back in that direction is much harder to do. so i just wanted to say this. xo janet

  2. omg lise, your place is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. seriously!! WOW!!!

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  4. Thank you for this post... I love the crispiness of white paint on my walls, but I also love the moody charcoal grays. For almost an entire month now I've been debating whether I want white or charcoal on our new home... you wrote this post so well, and with such positive vibe, that now I know what I want... thank you ;)